Aug 18 2013 16:37 1 note

TS3 once in a while…

Aug 9 2013 10:41 6 notes

Cathy, one of my favorites in the current generation!

Cathy, one of my favorites in the current generation!

Dec 31 2012 0:49 2 notes

Holy crap, it’s here!

… my birthday.

And once again “happy” and “birthday” are drifting apart further and further and believe me, I have very serious reasons to say that.

Dec 28 2012 13:16 111 notes

guilty -.-

guilty -.-

Dec 24 2012 10:41 3 notes


DOWNLOAD ||| credits

I wanted to share her literally years ago. And by literally I mean literally. The idea was to create a character descended from some unknown b/w movie… The CC is horrible, btw. Feel free to change.

Dec 23 2012 23:20 7 notes

Testing some new haircolors on Eve.

Dec 22 2012 0:49 27 notes


DOWNLOAD ||| credits

I thought safe is safe, I don’t know how long mediafire is going to keep that file. Moved the adorable doll girl here - enjoy!

Dec 19 2012 23:01 9 notes

Auggie Headburn


I’m moving my sims form DW here to clean it up a bit. And if it’s not Auggie to begin with - who then? ;)

Dec 18 2012 15:22 4 notes

Found some shots of my redecorated Caliente house, living room and Nina’s room. I’s from my maxis match Anygame setup and try to keep CC to a minimum there, but I thought you might like.

Dec 17 2012 10:18

After 6 hours of sleep within the last 48 hours I finally got my exam done and now, instead of going to bed before the next class that starts in 4 hours, the voices in my head want me to fire up the game and build a mansion for my legacy family! … must … withstand!